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Painting is my absolute passion!

My name is Daniela Frimpong-Mansoh. I was born on May 15, 1985 in Vienna.

My family is originally from the West African state of Ghana. Thus, I grew up between two cultures, both of which are very close to my heart. I feel like a proud Viennese with African roots. From childhood I was passionate about painting and then never gave up this passion in addition to a variety of professional activities, until I found the courage to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts and make my dream come true.

I have managed the admission to the class for "representational painting" of Prof. Kirsi Mikkola and since then I feel for the first time in my life fully in my element. Since then I paint almost constantly and could, without the painting, no longer exist. I try to express these two cultures, their contrasts, but also their similarities, in my paintings. I paint purely emotionally and feel painting as the language in which I can best express myself. Vienna with its great European-cultural tradition and Africa with its very own cultural tradition, are not opposites for me, but inspirations that cross-fertilize and connect each other. My paintings should be an expression of my deepest inner self, I paint without concept or plan, but out of a deep inner drive that grips me and which, even if I wanted, I can not resist. My greatest desire is to touch other people with my paintings, then and only then, I feel fulfilled and connected to art.


This website presents the current portfolio of my work and is constantly updated.

If you want to be kept up to date about news, please contact me directly.
I am glad about your interest!

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